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Can you still see your GP? with Dr Selva

Why are there attacks on Gps and health professionals, why are you having telephone calls with your GP,  what has changed in the NHS over the last year, should we just privatize the NHS .
All these questions and more will be answered in today’s podcast with a London GP Dr Selva, a person who has been advocating for health professionals and fighting back against the unjust media.

The many faces in a GP practice explained by Dr Selvarajah

The evolution of   GP (General practice) has been happening over time and big changes have come. We discuss the many health professionals you may come in contact with when you go see your GP. From Physios, Nurses, pharmacists, and more.
But why is this even important for a patient?
This is part 2 of my conversation with Dr Selvaseelan Selvarajah.

Psychology of Confidence,Fear ,Modern Anxiety and Mental Fitness with Jodine Williams

A podcast diving into the mind of us and how we react to difficult situations and why we behave the way we do. You can Find Jodine here:  @Mindadvantage 

Traumatic experience response with Jodine Williams Part 2

How do we deal with traumatic experiences both Physical and Psychological today we discuss in part 2 of the conversation with Jodine the mental aspects of our response?
Check out the first episode of the podcast 

Fit Time Consistency : A Monologue

What do these 3 constants have in common and how do they relate ?check out this podcast episode where I give a lon 

Health: A change of tides with Medications with Sabrina pt 2

There is a change in the landscape of personal health and Sabrina and I attempt to figure out why this is happening to check out the first podcast with Sabrina for more information.

Hope you enjoy the Podcasts

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